Between tradition and new projects

The story of Le Ginestre is the story of a family: testimony that experience develops new projects and continues traditions, with the passion we learn from those who have preceded us....

The passion for the land is a passion it would be difficult to forego, especially if the place where you have your affections is a generous and romantic land like this.

The company was established in 1988, when Graziano Ruffato, on the strength of his long experience together with his father Luigi, in managing a large vineyard estate in the area, purchased 20 hectares of land in Lazise and planted several vineyards with Bardolino varieties and many hectares of orchard.

Marco, his son, earned his degree in viticulture and oenology and entered the family company, bringing enthusiasm and new ideas..

In 2004 the family's financial efforts were focused on the construction of a leading-edge vinification winery, which enabled them to produce the nine wines of Le Ginestre, under Marco Ruffato’s signature.

The company was restructured, orienting itself on one side towards a modern viticulture, attentive to quality and communication, and opening up to hospitality on the other. Marco is assisted in the winery by his brother-in-law Mauro and his sister Barbara began managing the Wine Shop and Agritourism facility near the Ca' Roina winery.

Graziano, for his part, who is a dynamic and untiring entrepreneur, superintends everything and continues to take care of the land and vineyards, with the typical passion he has imparted to everyone.